Sunday, January 30, 2011

Slowly getting it...

Well, I am slowly getting it!!  I guess I used to think I knew more when it came to playing on the computer and being able to figure things out myself...not so much.  My wonderful hubby once again came to the rescue to help me add badges on here...then I found a video on (thank you!!) that explained how to do the banner on here...whew!!  I can't wait until doing this is relaxing!
I don't know if anyone else feels this way...does computer stuff (blogging, editing, creating) come easy for you?? or do you spend the first half the day reading and learning, then creating, and then taking a nap? lol...zzz

Slowly but surely my etsy is getting out too! (see my button!!!) hopefully resulting in some more sales soon =D
I will be adding some chalk, cork and dry erase boards too with upcycled repainted wood cute! once I get pics, I shall add some!

Stay tuned!
Becky  <><