Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New banner!

I finally made myself a new banner on etsy!! check it out... thanks to the hubby who helped me figure it out tonight finally...after working on it ALL day (he was at work :)

So needless to say, I'm hyped about it...a little!!  I am also working on listing some new housewares (ie the new candle stick holders), but I have to wait to find out shipping on the pillows before I can list those :)
But here's a snippet...
I plan to list this one, and big ones like it at $25.00 (so get out those cards!) lol...and smaller ones at $15.00.  Once I figure out shipping, these will be up!

I am excited about where this can go, though it's been slow coming :s
I have sooo many more cool ideas coming...stay tuned!
Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Your banner looks GREAT! The pillows are looking cool too! :-) Good luck!