Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New banner!

I finally made myself a new banner on etsy!! check it out... thanks to the hubby who helped me figure it out tonight finally...after working on it ALL day (he was at work :)

So needless to say, I'm hyped about it...a little!!  I am also working on listing some new housewares (ie the new candle stick holders), but I have to wait to find out shipping on the pillows before I can list those :)
But here's a snippet...
I plan to list this one, and big ones like it at $25.00 (so get out those cards!) lol...and smaller ones at $15.00.  Once I figure out shipping, these will be up!

I am excited about where this can go, though it's been slow coming :s
I have sooo many more cool ideas coming...stay tuned!
Thanks for visiting!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

New on Etsy!

Hello all!!

I am a new seller on etsy!! So very excited, come check it out...

Because it takes a while to list each item, it may be awhile before I have everything up, but I will try and put up the most popular first (the ones I got the most comments on during the fair). I am growing into new materials too, working with resin and shrinky plastic (worked with it before, but doing more now)

My dear bro is also helping me with a website which will be coming soon ( so be on the lookout, I will be linking it to etsy and the other way around, and to facebook :)


Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Jewelry!!


So you all get a sneak peek of what I am putting into the Ozark Arts and Crafts show...Oct 1-3, 2010!!

I am also going to expand to other home made goods like pillows and framed and see!!

Jer 29:11

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ello all!

Is is finally the reveal of the news =D we are finally moving back to Springfield MO next weekend!! May 1st, we'll be making the trekking caravan back down to the wonderful grid city we fell in love with during college. Both of our jobs are transferring us, so we'll have income, and we found a wonderful two bedroom place on the southeast part of town! We'll also be taking in at least one of my family's cats!
I decided I wanted to fix these guys before we move so that they matched our bedroom ensemble better...the one on the left I had previously painted before in high school, and had given it the butterfly makeover...perfectly fitting to my style at the time, and though I will probably never outgrow my butterfly fetish, I needed a look that would be uniform and flowing...

The previously brown one...

The previously white one...

I wanted to wear the little sand dollar I found on our honeymoon, so decided to dabble a bit in the art of resin, and came out with this wonder! I don't have any of the fancy tools to actually handling resin, but used the bottom from one of those tealight candles (which was the perfect size for the sand dollar) and poured the resin in on bottom and over it...then waited 3 days. I had to cut and peel off the candle holder, trimmed the edge of the resin on top, and wrapped the edge in some art tape my hubby found (I couldn't track down any foil tape that I wanted) and was able to poke a hole through the resin (it doesn't get rock hard :) and then push a ring through to string it up! Ta Da!!

This little number was inspired by a candle holder at target that I didn't want to pay $15 for, so I got on my rain boots (for cover) and went trudging through the back yard (yes in the background) and found myself some nice branches...I hot glued them, sprayed with clear sealer (so they don't rot) and then got some random tops (from jars and such) hot glued them on in various places, and then gave the whole thing a good coating with a textured dark spray paint!! this'll be a nice piece for our fireplace!

<>< Thanks for reading, be back soon!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Stuff!!!

Hell0 All :D

So I got into my sculpey, and went a little crazy. I have worn a few pieces to work, and got really nice comments...sooo I started wondering if my designs might attract homemade jewelry buyers. I was recommended to check out, and I am thinking about chasing the idea and getting a profile and settin myself up...but I would like some feedback first on the following pieces.
Would you buy these??

Dont know how much I would ask yet, but probably somewhere around $5-$10.
So if I decide to start posting these on Etsy, please come and at least snoop around :)

Come read me again!

Becky <><