Monday, September 21, 2009


I finally took some pictures of before, during and after makeover... =D
I wanted a better looking desk, without buying a new one, for $10 made the old one over...
My desk was a free one I took with me from the Wesley house when it closed. I had begun to hate the wood-looking stuff and it was getting worn...
I lightly sanded each wood-looking piece, and sprayed on white primer. I then used a black satin indoor/outdoor paint, about 3 coats per piece.
The almost finished product, I reassembled it, and then used 3 coats of clear polyurethane to protect it, and stop the fingerprints we made when leaning on or touching it :)

The finished product!!! I love the sleek shine of the black, and it makes it look so much more clean! (well i also decluttered and cleaned it up ;) I want to eventually find some large and medium baskets to paint white and put on the lower shelves because it is still hard to store stuff down there without it looking cluttered...but Ta-Da!

2nd Tile Table project...

Above is another tile table, one I actually got to grout using some leftover material from a contractor! (sorry forgot to take before pics here too)

I actually had to use a jigsaw to carve off some broken edges, sanded and painted before gluing the tile etc...


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