Saturday, August 29, 2009

From the Beginning

Alright...I decided I might like to share about myself and get out there (In case anyone happens to read this) and be able to share about my designs and passion.
I happen to currently be a freshly graduated, newly married, creative, job searching designer...and to top it off, living with my husband in his (my in-laws) basement. Yes not exactly the dream start we had in mind, but at least it's not a cardboard box! We are however in the lineup for an interview for Kevin at a church in Springfield MO for a youth position. For anyone who knows Kevin, we know that this would be a dream position for him, and it'll be a chance for me to see his passion flow again. He was the president of Wesley Foundation in the past, and thrived in the position. So we are excited about the possibilities and we are thrilled with the idea of being back in Springfield which has become home.
Prayin prayin prayin!!

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